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Jawad AlTamimi

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This course Includes:

About the CFM Exam Preparation Course



About CFM Credentials


This course will review the main methodology of the CFM exam and provide you with the
necessary skills to apply critical thinking and systems thinking to your FM knowledge.

The Six-Lectures course will review the core competencies of the exam and provide
participants with the necessary practice skills to succeed in the exam.

This course will give you the necessary knowledge to perform your duties in various
areas. However, if you feel that you need additional training in these areas, we highly
recommend that you first earn your FMP® before proceeding with the course.

The CFM certification is an internationally recognized credential that measures the
competency of facility management professionals. It is the culmination of a comprehensive
assessment of their knowledge.

You will also practice using sample questions in a competency-based exam. Although this is
not required to take the exam, this is a great preparation tool. Once ready to take the exam,
you can submit your application and fee to the IFMA. The materials provided by IFMA and its
affiliates for the preparation of the Certified Facility Manager (CFM) Exam are not required
to be submitted by the Certification Commission. However, they are optional study
resources and can be used by individuals who wish to improve their skills.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assure professional excellence.
  • Establish standards for global professional practice.
  • Meet the demands of global employers.
  • Promote the added value of the profession.
  • Influence the future direction of the profession.

Who this course is for:

  • Mid- to senior-level FM professionals meeting education and experience requirements.
  • FM Professionals looking to pass IFMA CFM certification exam and earn the CFM credential.
  • Professionals looking to master the FM competencies.
  • Professionals working in the Built-Environment industry and have job functions overlooking FM related aspects.

Why the CFM by IFMA?

If you are searching for a facility management certification, search no more! the CFM certification by IFMA is the most recognized certificate in facilities management

#1 The ultimate level

CFM is the highest level of certification in facility management. unlike fmp certification, the CFM is competency based not knowledge based, it is also an experience based credential.

the CFM is the right facilities manager certification for every FM professional who is looking to advance their career.

#2 The most comprehensive

The are many courses for facility management, but among all, our CFM course is the most comprehensive one globally. the CFM certification content was developed based on a global job task analysis made by IFMA to identify all skills required by a facility manager. and this course provided by FM experts is the most comprehensive among all facility management courses online

#3 Advance your skills

You need to stay relevant and competitive in the job market. for instance, the facility management in Dubai is a thriving sector, however it is continuously evolving and the sector has high competition. a competent manager will always look for facilities manager certification to distinguish themselves. earning a facilities management certificate allows you to advance your skills and stay competent in the job market.

About the CFM Credential

IFMA’s Certified Facility Manager (CFM) credential is the globally-recognized credential to help you showcase the mastery of your skills and knowledge across the entire FM body of knowledge. It is the most reliable and distinguished achievement in facility management, reinforcing the association’s claim for facility management, and strengthening the CFM’s position as the ultimate authority in facility management.

Passing rate of IFMA
credential exams

Of CFMs are on a manager
or director level

Of professionals reported
a salary increase
The CFM exam comprehensively covers all 11 core competencies of facility management. CFM is the most recognized FM certification globally, and it is the next level to the FMP certification. The CFM credential holders enjoy a high status and recognition in the industry. among other professionals.

$ 6,000 Salary increase

on average, IFMA credentials lead to a US$6,000 salary increase within the first year.

15 : 1 Return on investment

the average 5 years return on investment of IFMA credential holders.

2,773+ Certified Facility Managers

Note: that the materials provided by IFMA and its affiliates for the preparation of the Certified Facility Manager (CFM) Exam are not required to be submitted by the Certification Commission as stated on IFMA official website. However, they are optional study resources and can be used by individuals who wish to improve their skills. Note that the materials provided by IFMA and its affiliates for the preparation of the Certified Facility Manager (CFM) Exam are not required to be submitted by the Certification Commission as stated on IFMA official website. However, they are optional study resources and can be used by individuals who wish to improve their skills.
Disclaimer; This CFM exam preparation workshop and its material are developed by industry professionals to help FM professionals and practitioners test their knowledge and competency in facility management through an interactive workshop live-sessions and real-life scenario questions, as well as help them prepare for relevant industry credentials or certifications like IFMA's CFM certification exam, FMP credential, iwfm qualifications, MEFMA CFM certification (Motamad) and pro FM credential. however, the workshop material and the practice test do not constitute any part of protected material by copywrite, and is not a part or constitutes any part of such credentials, international certifications, or material related to the credentialing organizations.
the built environment institute do not distribute or redistribute any copywrite protected material or part of material from credentialing organizations or other organizations. Built environment institute does not allow individual instructors to redistribute or use any unauthorized material. And students who wish to read the international facility management association material prepare using the material provided by it or other credentialing organizations shall purchase such material at their own cost and directly from such organizations or their official channels. Any use of unauthorized material or protected content shall be reported to the built environment institute for review and removal.

Jawad AlTamimi

Jawad AlTamimi is a built environment professional and a leader in driving sustainable urban development. He is passionate about integrating smart technologies to create sustainable built environment. As the Regional Director of IFMA’s FM Consultants Council (FMCC), his strategic insights are transforming facility management, pushing the industry towards international recognition and excellence.

Besides playing a key role in prominent organizations as an FM director, community director, and smart cities lead, Jawad Altamimi is an influential member of leading organizations like USGBC, IFMA, AEE, SAVE, CAI and the Built Environment Institute.

Jawad has empowered over 2,500 built environment professionals through more than ten specialized courses, including the Certified Facility Manager (CFM Exam Preparation Course), and many other facility management courses online. Sharing knowledge that catalyzes professional growth and fosters industry innovation. His dedication to the industry extends beyond courses, and he has made active contributions to industry advancement through research, articles, and participation in industry events and conferences.
Jawad Altamimi

Jawad Altamimi

Regional Director at IFMA FM Consultants Council Board (FMCC)

What our learners say

Adnan Atwa
New concept to deliver the information, great approach, and letting you understand what the FM is. Moreover, it's a real IFMA simulation exam. In short, just study this material and apply for your CFM exam. Thanks for Mr. Jawad AlTamimi for dedicating his time to help us.
Saravanan Ambalathadi
The course is very helpful, and I got more information which I can implement in my personal and professional life. All the information available related to my course, and I believe it will help me to get certified in IFMA cfm exam. The instructor is very knowledgeable and explains in detail all questions.
Nino Apuya
Mr. Jawad is a great instructor he has a full skill of communication, he shared his knowledge, ideas, and experience which help me to accept the new knowledge. Very interesting with the content of the course. It was in my field of interest. It helps me to grow, better understanding of how facility manager handle in every situation, it also improve communication skill.
Ahmed Elsayed
Illustrating a Very smooth & updated way of explaining the practical core of topics, without filling your mind with unnecessary theoretical data.
Teo Can
Thanks to Mr. Jawad Al Tamimi for CFM course it helped a lot to grow myself on the business ground! I highly advice everyone to join this course who wants to grow in business.
Muhammad Ibrahim
An Amazing experience during this course, we are thankful and much appreciated to Mr. Jawad Altamimi for all his efforts and time which he used to transfer and share his knowledge to us. Thank You BEI Team.
Ahmed Hanno
I took the CFM course there, very professional institute. good follow up with the clients. highly recommended.
Ibrahim Gharbi
Great Instructor. Modernized way of learning. Interactive session. knowledge acquired is up to date and dealing with real life problems within the market.
Mohamed Zedan
Although I'm not a facility manager, I have more and more benefits of the course as Maintenance manager and planning Engineer, the course added a good knowledge for me and I think it was a very useful georney with everyone herereplyReplymore_vert
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Course contents

Stay Relevant, Stay Competitive.

Earn Your CFM Credential With Ease,
and join the elite community of CFM professionals.

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Will I receive a certificate or credit upon completion?

Yes, upon successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Built Environment Institute.

What kind of support is available if I encounter technical issues?

If you run into any technical issues, our BEI technical support team is on standby to assist you around the clock.
You can reach out to here or through WhatsApp +971 52 458 8204.

How can I interact with the instructor or other students?

You can communicate with the instructor and other students by raising a question in the BEI community or in the course's discussion area. Also you can schedule a one-on-one appointment at any time if you want to speak privately with your instructor.

What is the refund policy ?

We offer a 30 days money back guarantee,terms and conditions apply.

Is CFM certification good?

Yes, the CFM certification is a valuable credential. As a Certified Facility Manager (CFM), you'll gain advanced skills in facility management. This certification, delivered online and supported by IFMA, is globally recognized, making the CFM Certification Exam worth taking for career growth.

What is the exam cost for CFM? 

This certification, offered by the IFMA, holds the same cost regardless of your location. Here's a quick breakdown:
For the initial CFM certification exam:
IFMA members: $550
Non-members: $815
In case of retaking the CFM certification exam:
IFMA members: $265
Non-members: $365
Remember, being a certified facility manager brings immense professional credibility, and these fees contribute to the overall investment in your facility management career.

How do I prepare for CFM?

Follow these steps to prepare for the CFM exam:
1.Study the CFM reference books thoroughly to cover all the competencies.
You can purchase the CFM material directly from IFMA's website.
2.Familiarize yourself with important information about IFMA, the CFM credential, and the CFM exam.
3.After completing your training workshop, review the 11 competencies material provided by IFMA.
4.Take the CFM exam practice test.
 Answer all the questions within the given time. If you score below 80%, go back to the study material on the topics where you struggled and retake the test until you pass.
5.Once you successfully pass the exam simulation, visit the IFMA website to apply for the CFM exam.

Is a certified facility manager worth it?

A certified facility manager credential, such as the CFM certification, is definitely worth it. By obtaining this recognized accreditation, you can boost your career prospects in facility management. It not only helps you grow professionally but also increases your chances of earning a higher salary, with some professionals reporting an average salary increase of $6,000.

What is a CFM Exam passing score?

You must answer 84 of 180 correct answers (or a score of 70% or higher) in order to pass the CFM® exam.

How hard is CFM?

The Certified Facilities Manager (CFM) Exam, is indeed a challenging test.
To successfully pass the CFM Exam,you must answer 180 questions within a four-hour timeframe.
The exam covers a wide range of topics, including financial risk management, real estate strategies, and health and safety issues. This comprehensive coverage necessitates a solid understanding of various aspects of facilities management. Due to the demanding nature of the exam and the breadth of knowledge required, adequate preparation is crucial to achieve success.

When will the course start?

The CFM course consists of video-recorded lectures that you can access and take at your convenience, from anywhere and at any time you prefer.