About BEI

We are reinventing the built environment learning.

The Built Environment Institute courses are nothing like a typical sit-back-and-listen lecture

BEI offers a unique and highly engaging way to learn vital skills for Built Environment professionals, enabling committed learners to transform their careers, their organizations, their lives and the world!

Advance your career

Take your career to the next level

Built Environment Institute courses gives you the skills and knowledge you need to go next level. Our targeted learning journey is designed to improve your technical skills, soft skills, management and leadership skills, all in one place.

Earn Professional Certification and Get Promoted!

Prove your competencies and earn professional certifications in all built environment industries, including facility management, property management, community management, project management & construction, sustainability and much more.

Learn how to start your own business!

The BEI not only helps you do better on your job, but also helps you become an entrepreneur through special courses designed for BE professionals who wants to start their own business!

Not only a certification!
we help you build skills for a real-world 

You’ve seen many courses online that takes you in a step-by-step process to help you pass a professional certification exam! what you miss is building real competencies and a truly engaging learning with a fair assessment.
The courses offered by BEI for professional certifications and for BEI certifications include additional learning that helps you obtain the value of such certification, showcase your knowledge and build a real skill and competency that benefits you in the real job market!

Choose the instructor
you want

The BEI offers a semi-open learning platform, similar courses and professional certifications are provided by different instructors.
Allowing students to chose instructors of their own preference, BEI instructors from around the world bring their own experiences and deliver the courses with topics specific to their strength areas, explore the course topics and outlines, chose the instructor that has the experience you seek, and learn from industry leaders who has the actual experience.

Learn the way you want

Enroll in live online classes, or self-paced interactive learning.. engage with a community of built environment professionals, share your experience and seek knowledge and experience.

How BEI courses are developed?

Our courses are nothing like any course you find online..
BEI courses are made by the built environment professionals for the built environment professionals!

01 Reviewed and enhanced by practitioners and students

Courses content continuously improved and enhanced based on student reviews and profession practitioners, in a semi-open course development methodology.

02 Developed by industry experts

The BEI courses are developed by instructors who have hands-on experience working in their related fields and with knowledge in delivering engaging learning journeys.

03 Student Reviews

Student reviews and feedback is taken for continuous improvement on content, quizzes, assignments and instructor methods.

04 Real-life examples and case studies

The BEI course model is based on knowledge share and exchange.
We encourages students and instructors alike to contribute in the course development. Through providing real-life examples, problems and case studies which are collected and articulated in the coursework by expert instructors.

05 Solution developers and providers

Nothing better than involving entrepreneurs, emerging technology experts and solution developers to showcase success stories and provide demo of solutions in action solving real world problems.

We are on a mission to transform our world 

by transforming the Built-Environment, to be more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable..

Therefore enhancing quality of life by enhancing the places where we live, work, and play
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How we are doing it?

We intent to do that by providing Built Environment professionals a mix of open-source and affordable learning, equipping them with the tools to go through this transformation journey…
As we live in a very fast-paced world, the BE professionals needs have the right skills to keep up with this change..
Therefore, We have embedded two essential topics in every course and every topic; Sustainability, and Technology;



Grow your career and save the world on your way up
Meet the growing demand by employers on sustainability knowledge and skills, meet the growing demand on sustainability professionals in the job market.
Meet the growing demand by employers on sustainability knowledge and skills. Meet the growing demand on sustainability professionals in the job market.
Stay in the game, add emerging technologies to your skillset and deploy this knowledge and skills in everyday work.
Stay in the game
Add emerging technologies literacy to your skillset and deploy this knowledge and skills in everyday work.
Make an impact..
We will help you in the journey of solving the world’s most pressing issues.. The sustainability challenge!
Understand the built environment impact on society, environment and economy and Learn how to apply sustainability concepts using real case scenarios.
Keep up with the technology revolution
The technology is transforming all businesses across the globe, and the built environment sectors are no exception!
Learn how to adopt emerging technologies in your business, and how technology can help you transform to a smart built environment
Do good by doing well..
Relate sustainability to your business case with real life examples and scenarios, learn how to do good by doing well
Save time & energy
Learn how to use technology to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs in the built environment
Add value..
Add more value, and contribute to your organization’s triple bottom line.

Meet our team!

Joe Miller
Chief Strategy Officer

Joe Miller is a passionate technology expert and built environment consultant with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, he has worked on exciting transformational projects all around the world, focusing on the built environment sector and technologies such as smart cities, smart buildings, and energy efficiency. Joe is always striving to find new and innovative ways to use technology to improve our lives and make the world a better place. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, he is well-respected within the industry and is always eager to share his insights and ideas.

Abdelrahman Suleiman
Programs Development

Abdelrahman is a young and ambitious entrepreneur, a sustainability advocate, a technology enthusiast, and a magnet for people with same interests! if you are one of them, connect follow his LinkedIn page.
Started his career in civil engineering, exploring technologies and solutions that can transform how we build homes, with special focus on 3D printing technologies. Abdelrahman is on a quest to develop affordable, sustainable and smart homes for people who needs them most! in his search for solutions, he noticed that the built environment professionals are behind when it comes to technology literacy and sustainability awareness; making a gap that acts as a barrier between those professionals and the solutions developers or innovators and this is where he came up with the idea of the Built Environment Institute with Joe Miller.
Join him with his passion and network with built environment professionals

Sirena Do
Program Consultant

Sirena is specialized in marketing, and in her career she worked on leading learning programs marketing internationally.
she shares the same passion with our team members on making our world a better place, and she finds Built Environment Institute the perfect fit to achieve this mission

Join us In our Journey To Change The World
One Course At A Time!