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This course Includes:

  • 180+ questions Exam Simulator

  • Answers with explanation

  • Covers full exam material and 11 competencies

About the course 


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This 180 (CFM) Certified Facility Manager practice test questions is an exam simulator designed for you to experience the real exam by IFMA.

Live the exact real exam experience with this simulator:
 1- Same number of exam questions in IFMA exam
2- Same timing
3- Flag tools, skip, review and submit answers 

All exam practice questions allows you to test your skills and competencies in facility management, and covers the 11 competencies of facility management and the exam simulator mimics the same level of IFMA's exam at the test center.

Test yourself and go prepared for the CFM exam, take no risk with the 800$ exam by IFMA!

If you haven't joined a training course and wondering what is the best facility management course ? the answer is simple, the Built Environment Institute offers you the most comprehensive training for to earn your CFM certification, the BEI offers the best facility management courses online, and you can join the 36 hours live training course here Certified Facility Manager (CFM) Exam Preparation Interactive Course to earn your CFM title in just six weeks!

If you have already completed your training, but want to review the full CFM exam material, you can join our comprehensive CFM exam preparation toolkit here; CFM Exam Preparation Toolkit, which offers you a full review of the material with over 1000+ quiz questions broken down by competency and by chapter, and each question comes with an explanation of the correct answer.

Join the elite, and earn your CFM title now!

Key Takeaways:

  • Assess your knowledge of all the (11 core competencies) of Facility Management.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses across CFM exam topics and course modules.
  • Understand which courses you need to build a training plan to your unique skillset based on your test results.

Who this course is for:

  • Facility Managers aiming for the CFM Exam.
  • Facility Management Professionals assessing their FM competencies.
  • Built-Environment professionals involved in BE operations.
  • Engineers, Building Managers, and Maintenance professionals evaluating their Facility Management skills.
  • Individuals interested in a career in Facility Management.

01 Attend a CFM exam preparation training

If you want to enroll in an Exam preparation workshop, checkout our CFM Interactive Course.

02 Read and understand all information about IFMA CFM credential

03 Take the CFM Exam simulator, those are test practice questions that are very similar to the real CFM exam.

Keep trying to pass with 80% or above, without looking at the answer the explanations ..

Once you pass the CFM exam simulator, you are ready for IFMA Certified Facility Manager Exam!

visit the IFMA website to apply for the CFM exam.
Note that the materials provided by IFMA and its affiliates for the preparation of the Certified Facility Manager (CFM) Exam are not required to be submitted by the Certification Commission as stated on IFMA official website. However, they are optional study resources and can be used by individuals who wish to improve their skills.
Notice and disclaimer: This CFM exam simulator is developed by industry professionals including students of the course, where BEI is a semi open learning platform and every student contribution is verified by the instructor/s and can be added to the course material if found relevant. the material is developed to help FM professionals and practitioners test their knowledge and competency in facility management through real-life scenario questions, as well as help them prepare for relevant industry credentials or certifications like IFMA's CFM certification exam, FMP credential, IWFM qualifications, MEFMA CFM certification (Motamad) and pro FM credential. however, the practice test is not a part or constitutes any part of such credentials, international certifications, or material related to the credentialing organizations. the built environment institute do not distribute or redistribute any material or part of material from credentialing organizations or other organizations. Built environment institute does not allow individual instructors to redistribute or use any unauthorized material. And students who wish to read the international facility management association material prepare using the material provided by it or other credentialing organizations shall purchase such material at their own cost and directly from such organizations or their official channels. Any use of unauthorized material or protected content shall be reported to the built environment institute for review and removal.

What our learners say

Khalid Osman
The course met my expectation and I am hopeful it will help my career. The website also had a very good user experience and the toolkit was amazing.
The abundance of resources provided by the BEI, including a vast toolkit of over 1000 questions, prep exam and cases, proved to be an invaluable asset during our preparation.
Ahmed Haggag
It's a comprehensive course to combine all FM materials. 

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Stay Relevant, Stay Competitive.

Earn Your CFM Credential With Ease,
and join the elite community of CFM professionals.


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Is CFM difficult?

The Certified Facilities Manager (CFM) Exam, administered by the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA), is indeed a challenging test. To successfully pass the CFM Exam, test-takers must answer 180 questions within a strict four-hour timeframe. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including financial risk management, real estate strategies, and health and safety issues. This comprehensive coverage necessitates a solid understanding of various aspects of facilities management. Due to the demanding nature of the exam and the breadth of knowledge required, adequate preparation is crucial to achieve success.

How can I get prepared for the CFM exam?

 Follow these steps to prepare for the CFM exam:
1. Study the CFM reference books thoroughly to cover all the competencies. You can purchase the CFM material directly from IFMA's website.
2. Familiarize yourself with important information about IFMA, the CFM credential, and the CFM exam.
3.After completing your training workshop, review the 11 competencies material provided by IFMA.
4.Take the CFM exam practice test. Answer all the questions within the given time. If you score below 80%, go back to the study material on the topics where you struggled and retake the test until you pass.
5.Once you successfully pass the exam simulation, visit the IFMA website to apply for the CFM exam.

What is a CFM Exam passing score?

You must answer 84 of 180 correct answers (or a score of 70% or higher) in order to pass the CFM® exam.