CFM Exam Preparation Toolkit

(Interactive Toolkit)

Pass the Certified Facility Manager Exam by IFMA From the First Attempt!

What's included?

1000+ Quiz questions
90 Questions CFM exam simulator
6 Case studies with questions
Answers with explanation
Cover the full exam material and 11 competencies
Separated by competency and chapters
Interactive Toolkit
Self Paced
Course language
Instructor Support
Course level
(Exam Toolkit)

How this interactive toolkit works

01 Attend a CFM exam preparation workshop

If you want to enroll in an Exam preparation workshop, checkout the CFM Course!

02 Read and understand the below information about IFMA CFM credential

03 Read the flash cards provided in the course

04 Start with the pretest, score above 80%

05 Take the quizzes on each competency, if you feel there are questions or subject areas you are not familiar with, review the same specific area on the CFM material from IFMA.

once you pass all quizzes with 80% and above...

06 Read all case studies, and solve the questions Once you pass this exam simulation, visit the IFMA website to apply for the CFM exam.

07 Take the CFM Exam simulator, those are test practice questions that are very similar to the real CFM exam.

Keep trying to pass with 80% or above, without looking at the answer the explanations ..

Congratulations! Once you pass the CFM exam simulator, you are ready for IFMA Certified Facility Manager Exam!

Note that the materials provided by IFMA and its affiliates for the preparation of the Certified Facility Manager (CFM) Exam are not required to be submitted by the Certification Commission as stated on IFMA official website. However, they are optional study resources and can be used by individuals who wish to improve their skills.
Notice and disclaimer: This CFM exam preparation toolkit is developed by industry professionals including students of the course, where BEI is a semi open learning platform and every student contribution is verified by the instructor/s and can be added to the course material if found relevant. the material is developed to help FM professionals and practitioners test their knowledge and competency in facility management through real-life scenario questions, as well as help them prepare for relevant industry credentials or certifications like IFMA's CFM certification exam, FMP credential, IWFM qualifications, MEFMA CFM certification (Motamad) and pro FM credential. however, the practice test is not a part or constitutes any part of such credentials, international certifications, or material related to the credentialing organizations. the built environment institute do not distribute or redistribute any material or part of material from credentialing organizations or other organizations. Built environment institute does not allow individual instructors to redistribute or use any unauthorized material. And students who wish to read the international facility management association material prepare using the material provided by it or other credentialing organizations shall purchase such material at their own cost and directly from such organizations or their official channels. Any use of unauthorized material or protected content shall be reported to the built environment institute for review and removal.

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