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Jawad Al-Tamimi

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Intermediate Level

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Interactive course




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This course Includes:

  • 8+ Hours of Interactive training 

  • 400+ questions study toolkit

  • 125+ questions Exam Simulator

  • Free Preview of course content

  • Instructor Support

About the course 



About FMP Credentials


BEI Trainers will deliver a highly interactive Lectures, introducing the core concepts of facility management, so Students can easily acquire knowledge of terms, basic facts, and simple concepts.This course will review the 4 core competencies of facility management, and prepare Students to pass the IFMA FMP exam, and best practices and will equip you with the necessary skills to apply critical thinking and systems thinking to your FM knowledge.
You will also practice using sample questions in a scenario-based exam. 

Join our community of facility managers and Stand out to employers, increase your credibility and your value.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elevate Professional Competence & Expand Career Opportunities
  • Master best practices to operate your facilities with greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Build confidence in your facility management role by acquiring in-demand skills
  • Develop critical thinking abilities essential to managing complex facilities.
  • Enhance your proficiency in facility management to drive better operational outcomes.

Who this course is for:

  • Early-to-mid-career facility management practitioners looking to deepen their expertise & advance their career.
  • Individuals preparing for the IFMA FMP certification exam to gain the FMP credential.
  • Facility managers seeking to solidify their understanding of essential FM practices.
  • Professionals in the built environment sector who oversee facility management tasks and responsibilities.

Why the FMP?

The Facility Management Professional (FMP) is a knowledge-based credential for FM professionals and industry suppliers looking to increase their depth-of-knowledge in the core FM topics deemed critical by employers. By earning the must-have FMP certification, you will improve your knowledge, enhance your skills, and gain immediate credibility with employers, clients, and peers.
For those on the quest for a premier facility management qualification, look no further!
There's a reason the FMP is known as the must-have credential for facility professionals. When it comes to facility management education, serious FMs (and employers!) know that the FMP gives you the skills and knowledge you need to be effective.

#1 Professional Recognition

Attaining the FMP credential after passing the FMP Certification exam sets you apart in the competitive field of facility management.
This certification is a testament to your expertise and steadfast dedication to the profession, making you a standout candidate for employers and clients who value certified proficiency and professional excellence.

#2 The most comprehensive

Preparing for the FMP Certification exam provides you with a comprehensive skill set and a deep understanding of facility management fundamentals.
The detailed FMP curriculum, aligned with the exam, is designed to enhance your expertise, equipping you to address the multifaceted challenges of the field with confidence and innovative strategies.

#3 Networking and Opportunities

Earning the FMP credential, especially after successfully navigating the FMP Certification exam, inducts you into a global network of facility management leaders.
This community is a springboard for career advancement and collaborative innovation, providing rich resources for industry insights, mentorship, and new opportunities in the dynamic landscape of facility management.

About the FMP Credential

The Facility Management Professional (FMP) credential by IFMA is a globally recognized certification that affirms a professional's expertise in the core principles of facility management. It stands as a mark of excellence and commitment in the industry, equipping credential holders with the recognition needed to excel and lead in their field. For facility managers aiming to elevate their career, the FMP credential is a key differentiator in the competitive marketplace.

FMPs report improved job performance

employers value FMP for career growth

salary increase post-FMP certification
The FMP certification rigorously encompasses the critical competencies fundamental to facility management, serving as an essential benchmark for professionals in the field. Recognized internationally, the FMP stands as the foundational certification that primes candidates for advanced credentials, such as the CFM. Those who attain the FMP designation are esteemed for their demonstrated knowledge and are well-regarded in the industry, setting the stage for elevated professional stature and opportunities.
Please note that the study materials provided by IFMA and its affiliates for the preparation of the Facility Management Professional (FMP) credential are not mandated for submission to the Certification Commission, as indicated on IFMA's official website. These materials serve as optional educational resources for those seeking to enhance their facility management expertise.
Disclaimer: This FMP exam preparation interactive course and its materials are crafted by industry experts to assist FM professionals in assessing their knowledge and proficiency in facility management. The workshop offers interactive training and scenario-based questions, aiding in preparation for industry-recognized qualifications such as IFMA's FMP credential, among others. However, the workshop content and practice tests are not proprietary material and do not represent any official certification or credentialing body's content.
The Built Environment Institute does not disseminate or redistribute copyrighted material from credentialing organizations. We strictly prohibit individual instructors from using or distributing unauthorized content. Students interested in utilizing IFMA's materials or those from other credentialing bodies should acquire them directly at their own expense from the respective organizations or their authorized distributors. Any engagement with unauthorized or copyrighted content should be reported to the Built Environment Institute for investigation and appropriate action.

Jawad AlTamimi

Jawad is the Regional Director of IFMA FM Consultants Council (FMCC) for MENA Region,
a highly accomplished built environment professional. His strategic insights are transforming facility management, pushing the industry towards international recognition and excellence.

Advocating for sustainability within the built environment, Jawad is passionate about integrating smart technologies to create sustainable built environment. His expertise spans across facility management, community management, smart and sustainable cities and smart building technologies (PropTech).

Besides playing a key role in prominent organizations as an FM director, community director, and smart cities lead, Jawad Altamimi is an influential member of leading organizations like USGBC, IFMA, AEE, SAVE, CAI and the Built Environment Institute.

Jawad has empowered over 2,500 built environment professionals through more than ten specialized courses, including the Facility Management Professional Course (FMP Exam Preparation Course), and many other facility management courses online. Sharing knowledge that catalyzes professional growth and fosters industry innovation. His dedication to the industry extends beyond courses, and he has made active contributions to industry advancement through research, articles, and participation in industry events and conferences.

Jawad Altamimi

Regional Director @ IFMA FM Consultants Council Board

What our learners say

Mohammad Mansour
Jawad Al Tamimi is a unique professional instructor who can simplify the complicated case studies in best way so for sure will be well understood
Aneesh Chandran
Online live course session was very useful and covered all the topics. Interactive sessions and explanations by giving practical examples gave clear ideas of topics. Highly recommended.
Ibrahim Gharbi
Great Instructor. Modernized way of learning. Interactive session. knowledge acquired is up to date and dealing with real life problems within the market.
Shan Shani
This was a great source of information and it changed my way of thinking. Special thanks to Mr. Jawad for teaching us about new techniques.
Mohammad Zahid Khan
Super coaches this institute having.
Never seen , trainer can coach you during the training for your career development
Mohammed Mansour
Jawad Al Tamimi is a unique professional instructor who can simplify the complicated case studies in best way so for sure will be well understood

Course Content

Stay Relevant, Stay Competitive.

Earn Your FMP Credential With Ease,
and join the elite community of FM professionals.

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Will I receive a certificate or credit upon completion?

Yes, upon successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

How can I interact with the instructor or other students?

You can communicate with the instructor and other students by raising a question in the BEI community or in the course's discussion area. Also you can schedule a one-on-one appointment at any time if you want to speak privately with your instructor.

What kind of support is available if I encounter technical issues?

If you run into any technical issues, our BEI technical support team is on standby to assist you around the clock.
You can reach out to us at enrollment@built-environment.org or through WhatsApp +971 52 458 8204.

What is the refund policy ?

We offer a 30 days money back guarantee, terms and conditions apply.

Does FMP certificate expire?

No, the FMP certificate does not expire; it is a lifetime credential with no recertification requirements.

What is the exam cost for FMP? 

Professional/Associate Member: The application fee is US$130.
Young Professional Member: A discounted fee of US$105 applies.
Nonmember: The fee for nonmembers is US$210.

*Note: These fees are specifically for the FMP exam application and do not cover other potential expenses such as preparatory materials or training courses.